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  • 01. What Does BOCODOL Stands for? +

    Answer: BOCODOL stands for Botswana College of Distance and Open Learning

  • 02. Question: How long do the courses last? +

    Answer: The Diploma courses take 2 years or 24 months

  • 03. Question: What is the Mode of delivery of the courses? Is it full time or part time? +

    Answer: The courses are delivered using Open and Distance Learning

  • 04. Question: How are the Fees paid payment structure? +

    Answer: There is an instalment arrangement for payment of fees. The first instalment is paid up- front upon admission

  • 05. Question: What is the starting time of these Diploma courses +

    Answer: Starting dates are indicated in calendar

  • 06. Question: How is the programme structure/course content? +

    Answer: Programme has two parts Part 1 and 2. The actual course content varies with courses.

  • 07. Question: Are the courses accredited by BOTA? +

    Answer: The courses are not accredited by BOTA because they are higher than the Certificate level. Qualifications above certificate are accredited by Tertiary Education Council (TEC), therefore the Diploma courses are offered with authority of the TEC in partnership with Zimbabwe Open University (ZOU).

  • 08. Question: Is there any exam fee paid when sitting for examinations? +

    Answer: Exam fees are consolidated into the course fees.

  • 09. Question: Can Student Placement sponsor the courses? +

    Answer: Currently Government does not sponsor courses offered through Distance Learning.

  • 10. Question: Can someone be employed in BOCODOL after completing the course? +

    Answer: Yes, provided you qualify for the job that is available and your diploma is relevant to the job offered

  • 11. Question: What if someone has done some subjects included in the content? Will she/he re-do or skip them Exemption? +

    Answer: At the moment there is no provision for exemption of any part of the course work. The programme is taken as a whole package.

  • 12. Question: Are people sent on attachment/internship after or during the course? +

    Answer: At the moment there is no internship as the courses offered do not have any component that requires internship.

  • 13. Question: Will the courses be available next year? When is the next registration? +

    Answer: The courses will be offered every year. Enrolment dates are indicated in the calendar and also published on the College website.

  • 14. Question: Are there tutorials? +

    Answer: Face to face tutorials are an integral part of course delivery. For the Diploma courses there are three tutorial sessions of two hours each per course per semester.

  • 15. Question: If someone has got a Diploma certificate in HRM/BM, can there be any arrangements for him to proceed for Degree with BOCODOL? What about in the future? +

    Answer: BOCODOL does not offer degree programmes yet, but the graduates of the BOCODOL Diploma programme can articulate to the ZOU degrees.

  • 16. Question: Are Study Materials provided? +

    Answer: Yes, this constitutes print material and may at time include audio cassettes and videos where such materials have been developed to supplement print.

  • 17. Question: Are the courses internationally recognized? +

    Answer: During development of the courses, benchmarking with other international ODL providing institutions was done along the standards set out by TEC, hence the college is confident that its courses adhere to international standards.

  • 18. Question: Can one person apply for both courses at the same time? In case the person doesn’t qualify for the first one +

    Answer: The College does not encourage people to submit double applications as requirements for each course is normally indicated on the advert and the decision to admit will be influenced by the applicants meeting the entry requirements of the course.

  • 19. Question: What courses does BOCODL offer? +

    Answer:  School Equivalency: Junior Certificate (JC) and Botswana General Certificate for Secondary Education (BGCSE) Vocational/Management Programmes: English for Professional Purposes (EPP) Small Scale Business Management (SSBM) Interactive Communication for Industry (ICI) Diploma Programmes Diploma in Business Management Diploma in Human Resources Management

  • 20. Question: What programmes does BOCODOL offer other than JC and BGCSE? +

    Answer: Refer to the above for the answer.

  • 21. Question: Does Government sponsor BOCODOL learners? +

    Answer: No, Government does not sponsor any learners studying with BOCODOL. Instead BOCODOL has subsidised fees because BOCODOL gets money from Government.

  • 22. Question: Is everyone allowed to buy BOCODL learning print material? Or why are you not selling your material to any body who wants it? +

    Answer: BOCODL learning material is produced strictly for learners that register for its courses.

  • 25. Question: BOCODOL seems to be rejecting a number of applicants for the Diploma programmes yet you allege to be a Distance and Open learning institution, why? +

    Answer: The reason is that BOCODOL also has standards to adhere to or to comply with. In addition it would be counter productive and not cost effective to enrol people who would definitely not be able to cope with the level of the course they are registered for. So the applications that are rejected are for people who do not meet the set standards.

  • 26. Question: Why is BOCODOL not opening a study centre at a particular place or what are the requirements for an area to have a study centre? +

    Answer: BOCODL opens a centre in a given place after undertaking some consultations with the affected local authorities in the area. BOCODL would consider the numbers of learners and the projected numbers of the learners in the area for a good number of subsequent years. Apart from the numbers there are many other issues that are considers. These include the availability of the many other resources like tutors and buildings.

  • 27. Question: Why are you offering computer courses only in Gaborone? +

    Answer: This is because BOCODOL has a computer laboratory only in Gaborone. The other reason is that it is only in Gaborone where BOCODOL has a secure structure for the security of the computers.

  • 28. Question: What is the point of offering a single science when the trend has moved to offering double sciences? +

    Answer: The College is working around the clock to introduce double sciences for BGCSE. We hope to have the matter finalised very soon.

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