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Sun, Nov 29, 2015

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Friday, 01 February 2013 10:47

BOCODOL Graduation Class 2012

Wednesday, 30 January 2013 10:46

School Equivalency

JC and BGCSE (School Equivalency)
Registration Dates: 2nd February to 27th March 2015
First come first served

Requirements: Please go to your nearest Study Center with the following items

Registration Places: See a list of Community Study Centers in this leaflet.

1. Bring a certified copy of your last academic Certificate.
For JC entry we need a STD 7 pass up to C for beginners and a Junior Certificate (JC) certificate for up graders.
For Botswana General Certificate of Secondary Education (BGCSE)
entry we need a JC pass up to C for beginners and a BGCSE /GCE certificate
for up graders.

2. Certified Copy of Omang for Batswana and a Passport for non-Batswana.
A proof of change of name or surname only if they differ from the academic certificate.

3. Fees:

Citizens Expatriates
Registration Fee - P20 once
JC - P45 per subject JC - P90
BGCSE - P60 per subject
Repeater JC - P50 per subject
Repeater BGCSE - P65 per subject
Post Office Transaction Fee P17.50
Post Office Trans action Fee P17.50
N.B.: Repeating Learners refers to those who have previously set the same
National examinations under BOCODOL.
Registration Fee - P40 once
BGCSE - P120
Repeater JC - P100
Repeater BGCSE - P130
Post Office Transaction Fee P17.50
Post Office Trans action Fee P17.50
N.B.: Repeating Learners refers to those who have previously set the same
National examinations under BOCODOL.

4. Payment:
All payment will be done at any POST OFFICE and a proof of payment (receipt) should be produced at the Study Center when collecting the workbooks.

Registration Times: From 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Registration Days: From Monday to Thursday ON LY.


1 (a) Gaborone Region CSCs
Bonnington JSS - Gaborone
Gaborone SSS - Gaborone
Marang JSS - Gaborone
Kgale Hill JSS - Gaborone
Linchwe JSS - Mochudi
St Conrads Primary School - Ramotswa
Tshegetsang JSS - Molepolole
Morama JSS - Jwaneng
Montshiwa JSS - Pitsane
Letsopa JSS - Lobatse
Seepapitso SSS - Kanye
Mmanaana JSS - Moshupa
Mmonye Primary School - Mmankgodi
Tlokweng JSS - Tlokweng
Thamaga JSS - Thamaga
Mphuthe JSS - Letlhakeng
Mogoditshane JSS - Mogoditshane
Kopong JSS – Kopong
Bokamoso JSS - Gaborone
Chichi JSS - Molapowabojang

(b) Gaborone Region Satellite Centres
Kaudwane Primary School - Kaudwane
Maokane JSS - Jwaneng
Mamarabopa - Barolong Farms
Prison - Gaborone, Kanye & Lobatse

2. (a) Kang Region CSCs
Matsha BOCODOL Learning Centre - Kang
Itekeng JSS - Ghanzi
Lehutshelo JSS - Hukuntsi
Tsabong JSS - Tsabong
Maiteko JSS - Mabutsane
Rethuseng JSS - Charles Hill
Takatokwane Primary School - Takatokwane
Khakhea - Khakhea
Werda Primary School – Werda

(b) Kang Region Satellite Centres
Inalegolo - Inalegolo
Prison - Tsabong, Tshane & Gantsi
Bray Primary School – Bray
Ncojane Primary School – Ncojane

3. (a) Maun Region CSCs
Tsodilo JSS - Maun
Bonatla Primary School – Maun
Tshwaragano JSS  - Maun
Love Botswana - Maun
Rakops JSS - Rakops
Okavango JSS - Gumare
Shakawe JSS - Shakawe

(b) Maun Region Satellite Centres
Motopi Primary School - Motopi
Sehithwa Primary School - Sehithwa
Etsha 13 Primary School - Etsha 13
Prisons - Boro & Maun
Seronga JSS - Seronga
Gowa JSS - Gowa
Sepopa Primary School - Sepopa
Kumaga Kgotla - Kumaga
Moreomaoto Community Library – Moreomaoto
Zoroga Kgotla - Zoroga

4. (a) Palapye Region CSCs
Palapye JSS - Palapye
Mmaphula JSS - Palapye
Kgalemang JSS – Serowe
Serowe Brigade - Serowe
Ditsweletse JSS - Letlhakane
Makhubu JSS - Selebi Phikwe
Meepong JSS - Selibi Phikwe
Bobonong JSS - Bobonong
Parwe JSS - Mahalapye
Madiba Brigade - Mahalapye
Mosikari JSS - Machaneng
Maunatlala JSS - Maunatlala
Mopipi JSS - Mopipi
Shoshong Senior School - Shoshong
Orapa Learning Centre - Orapa
Makome JSS – Mmadinare

(b) Palapye Region Satellite Centres
Sefhare JSS - Sefhare

5. ( a) Francistown Region CSC s
Francistown SSS - Francistown
Selepa JSS - Francistown
Montsamaisa JSS - Francistown
Maruje JSS - Masunga
Dukwi JSS - Dukwi
Nxakato JSS - Sowa Town
Letlhabile JSS - Tonota
Tonata JSS – Tonota
Mc Connell College - Tutume
Moses Mengwe JSS - Maitengwe
Thamani JSS - Tshesebe
Chobe JSS - Kasane

(b) Francistown Region Satellite Centres
Skills-share - Dukwi Refugee Camp
Liswaani - Kachikau

Contact Numbers for Regional Managers

P/Bag BO 349
Tel: 3930017
Fax: 3930018
P/Bag 005
Tel: 4924024
Fax: 4900343
P/Bag F32
Tel: 2418383
Fax: 2414586
P/Bag 0394
Tel: 6865621
Fax: 6800581
P/Bag 006
Tel: 6517248
Fax: 651739







Monday, 28 January 2013 16:37


Semester 1 Semester 3 Semester 5
Introduction To Entrepreneurship Business Communications Business Research
Principles Of Marketing Principles Of Management Team Management
The Business Environment Organizational Behaviour Strategic Planning
Business Management Accounting Financial Management
Semester 2
Semester 4
Semester 6
Introduction To Accounting Risk Management Business Law
Introduction To Computers Human Resource Management Projects Management
Business Plan Development Business Information Systems Mentoring, Coaching & Consulting
Semester 7
Research Project
Monday, 28 January 2013 16:15


Course Title
Year 1 - Semester 1
ACCT 102 Financial Accounting
ECON 101 Principles of Economics
MGT 102 Business Management
CSC 101 Communication and Scholarship
Semester 2
HRM 202 Human Resources Management
COMP 102 Management Information Systems
MKT 200 Principles of Marketing
LAW 101 Business Law 1
Year 2 - Semester 3
LAW 201 Business Law 2
STAT 102 Business Statistics
LIR 101 Introduction to Industrial and Labour Relations
ECON 204 Labour Economics
Semester 4
LAW 207 Labour Law
MGT 101 Management and Organisational Behaviour
HRM 303 Leadership in Organisations
LIR 201 Collective Bargaining
Year 3 - Semester 5
HRM 301 Training and Development
LIR 303 Negotiation in Conflict Management
LIR 102 Introduction to Industrial Psychology
HRM 302 Public Relations and Customer Care
Semester 6
RESM 401 Research Methods
ECON 306 Corporate Governance
HRM 304 Organisational Change and Development
Year 3 - Semester 5
DISS 402 Research Project
Total Credits


Monday, 28 January 2013 16:11


Year 1
Semester one
IECD in the Botswana Context
Foundations of Child Development
Care, Health, Nutrition and Safety for Young Children
Basic Computer Skills

Semester 1

Relationships and Communication with Children and Adults
Implementing and Protecting Children’s Rights through IECD Programming
Research Methods + Proposal
Field Experience/Portfolio

Year 2
Semester 1

  • IECD Practitioner: Personal and Continuous Professional Development
  • Project Work
  • Curriculum and Assessment Methods in IECD
  • Curriculum Studies: Early Literacy, Numeracy and Scientific Thinking in Early Childhood

Semester 2

  • Working with Parents and the Community
  • Curriculum Studies:  Creative Artistic Development and the Social Cultural Worlds of Children
  • Field Practicum/Teaching Practice
Thursday, 24 January 2013 15:09


BOCODOL fees are highly affordable. To get more information on the fees for the various programmes please contact any of the BOCODOL offices listed below;


P/Bag BO 349
Tel: 3930017
Fax: 3930018
P/Bag 005
Tel: 4924024
Fax: 4900343
P/Bag F32
Tel: 2418383
Fax: 2414586
P/Bag 0394
Tel: 6865621
Fax: 6800581
P/Bag 006
Tel: 6517248
Fax: 651739
Thursday, 24 January 2013 14:55


The short courses are developed in response to direct requests by clients, as well as to results of surveys conducted by the College. The following courses have been developed and are available:  BOCODOL offers the following BOTA accredited short courses.

Duration Duration Course Level
 1. Customer Care  1 Week  Level 1)
 2. Financial Management for Non-Profit Making Organisation 1 Week Level 2)
 3. Public Relations  1 Week  Level 2)
 4. Curruculum Design  1 Week  Level 1)
 5. Leadership  1 Week  Level 3)
 6. Social Marketing  1 Week  Level 3)
 7. Strategic Planning 1 Week  Level 3)
 8. Development Entrepreneurial Skills  1 Week  Level 1)
 9. Training of Trainers 6 Weeks  Level 3)
 10. Project Management 6 Weeks  Level 3)



Please click this link to download the schdule

Thursday, 24 January 2013 13:40


CountryInstitutionPurpose and objectives of  agreementType of Agreement
Botswana  SADC Provision of Distance Education Practitioners programme at Certificate level to SADC member states.  MOA
South Africa Regional Psychosocial Support Initiative (REPSSI) / University of KwaZulu Natal To deliver the Community Based Work with Children and Youth Certificate in Botswana.  MOA
Botswana Ministry of Education and Skills Development/ University of Botswana Centre for Continuing Education Provision of Diploma in Primary Education to in- service teaching cadre in Botswana MOA
United Kingdom  Open University Worldwide (OUW) License to offer Diploma in Integrated Early Childhood Development at diploma level using OUW’s course material  MOA
South Africa North West University – Potchefstroom Campus Institutional Collaboration in development and delivery of academic programmes, educational technology, learner support services, quality assurance, research development, consultancies, staff and exchanges.  MOU
Botswana Debswana Mining Company Sub Lease to BOCODOL the Education Centre located at Orapa Township.  MOA
Thursday, 24 January 2013 13:09


Tele-education in Post Graduate, Under Graduate, Diploma and Certificate Programmes from the world class Indian Universities over Pan-African e-Network.

Pan-African e-Network Project is a joint initiative of the Government of India and African Union and is funded by the Government of India at a cost of US$116 Million. It aims at imparting tele-education to 10000 students of African countries participating in the project, using modern information communication technologies, from some of the top notch universities of India.  The eligible students enrolled in various programmes will be required to attend the classes in the learning centre set up in each member country as part of the project.

Post Graduate (PG), Under Graduate (UG), Diploma and Certificate programmes in the field of management business and finance, engineering, & technology, computer science  & information technology,  international languages English, French, Germany and Arabic are available from the Indian universities namely Indira Gandhi National Open University, Amity University, Birla Institute of Technology and Science, University of Delhi and University of Madras.  
Course content, structure, eligibility criteria, duration of each of the programmes offered are made available at the website

Learning centres connect to the Indian universities as per pre-defined lecture schedule available at the Tele-Education portal. Highly experienced faculty shall deliver the live, interactive lectures from the Tele-education studio set up of the respective Indian universities. A unique feature of the tele-education system in the project is the offline access to the lecture contents stored in the database at the Datacentre , through internet for review learning.


Masters of Business Administration in International
Business (2yrs)
Masters of Financial Management (2 yrs)
Post Graduate Diploma in Information Technology (1 yr)
Post Graduate Diploma in French Language (1 yr)
Diploma in Business Management (6 months)

Special features of Tele-education

•    Dedicated IP-based network
•    Live, interactive virtual classes
•    Offline access (through Internet) to archived lecture contents for review learning
•    Digital library
•    Dedicated portal for knowledge management
•    Fast track online admission process

For admissions and more detailed enquiries on tele-education programmes please contact:
Mr. Keitumetse Nduna, Nodal Person,
BOCODOL, P/Bag BO 187 Gaborone
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel: +267 3646090


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